Scoring, Grading, Feedback and Rewards
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Scoring, Grading, Feedback and Rewards

Scoring and Achievement

  • Minimum Passing Score: The minimum score required to pass the CCD exam is 70%.

  • Lab Completion Bonus: Students who complete all CCD labs related to the course, excluding the Malware Analysis module labs and Additional labs, receive a 5% bonus score. This bonus is only applied if your initial score is below the passing threshold (70%).

  • Coin Achievement: Students who successfully pass the CCD exam are recognized with a prestigious Silver Coin for their dedication and success. Achieving a score of 85% or above on your first attempt not only certifies you as a CyberDefender but also awards you a prestigious Gold Coin, symbolizing exceptional expertise. This special distinction is reserved only for those who demonstrate remarkable achievement by attaining a high score without taking additional exam attempts.

Note: The delivery of the coin typically takes within 4 months. The delivery method and notification of arrival depend on your local postal service. In most cases, the postal service will reach out to you directly to either deliver the coin to your home or notify you of its availability for pickup.

Grading Process and Feedback

The CCD exam is manually graded by our instructors to ensure a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of your performance, with results typically delivered within 14 business days. Upon completion of your exam, you will receive overall performance results broken down by domain. It's important to note that we do not provide specific information about which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. This approach helps maintain the integrity of our exam content while still giving you a general understanding of your performance in each domain.

Rewards for Passing CCD

Successfully passing the CCD exam brings several notable rewards and recognitions:

  • Certification and Badge: You'll receive a digital certification and badge via Credly, which can be shared on social media platforms and added to your resume, showcasing your achievement to potential employers.

  • Platform Badge: A certified CCD badge will be displayed on your profile within the platform, visibly marking your accomplishment.

  • Community Recognition: Gain a special role and icon on our Discord community server, distinguishing you among your peers.

  • Recognition Coins: Earn a silver coin for passing the exam, or earn a gold coin for exceptional performance on your first exam attempt with a score above 85%.

These recognitions are designed to celebrate your success and enhance your professional visibility in the cybersecurity community.

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