CCD Training
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CCD Training

Embarking on the Certified CyberDefender (CCD) path means choosing to advance your cybersecurity career with training that values real-world application, critical thinking, and community support. Are you ready to defend smarter, not harder?

Who Should Enroll?

CCD is designed for a wide audience, including but not limited to:

  • Security (SOC) analysts and blue team members

  • Threat hunters

  • DFIR specialists

  • Security Consultants

  • Aspiring CyberDefenders

Whether you're starting your cybersecurity career or looking to deepen your existing expertise, CCD offers a structured path to enhance your capabilities and confidence in the field.


Before embarking on the CCD journey, ensure you're equipped with:

  • A solid understanding of Windows and Linux operating systems

  • Solid research and problem-solving skills

  • Familiarity with basic system administration, networks, and security concepts

What’s Included

What sets CCD apart is not just the depth of its content but the structure and support it offers:

  • 25+ Hands-On Browser Labs

  • 350+ text-based byte-sized lessons accompanied by videos.

  • Four months of access with available extensions

  • 120-hour lab time with available extensions

  • Two exam attempts included (extra attempts available)

  • Instant access to mentorship and a supportive community via our Discord server.

Continuing Professional Education Credits

By taking the CCD course, you can qualify for up to 40 CPE credits, which are applicable to your existing GIAC/SANS, EC-Council, or (ISC)² certifications. This added benefit allows you to maintain your current certifications while advancing your knowledge and skills through CCD training.


Curious about what CCD course has to offer? Take a closer look at our dynamic student dashboard, lesson structures, and the engaging, interactive labs that set our training apart. We invite you to explore a preview of the CCD course, giving you a glimpse into the practical, hands-on learning environment that awaits.

Certification Syllabus

The CCD syllabus covers:

  1. Security Operations (SecOps) Fundamentals

  2. Incident Response

  3. Perimeter Defense - Email Security

  4. Forensic Evidence Collection

  5. Disk Forensics

  6. Memory Forensics

  7. Network Forensics

  8. Threat Hunting

  9. Malware Analysis

Tools Used

The CCD course is designed to offer you a comprehensive training experience across various domains in cybersecurity. Hence, the diverse set of tools in our curriculum. As a cybersecurity professional, familiarity with these tools is a must. However, mastering each one is not necessary. We do not expect participants to have prior in-depth knowledge of these tools. They are intended to facilitate your work, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing efficiency. They do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus more on the critical analytical skills in cybersecurity. Here's a detailed list of the tools taught and used in our course:

AnyRun, Arsenal Image Mounter, BelkaSoft ram capturer, Canary Tokens, Cuckoo SandBox, CyLR, CyberChef, DD, Dumpit, Elastic-SIEM, Esentutil, Event Log Explorer, FTK Imager, GoPhish, INDXRipper, JumpListExplorer, Kape, LECmd, LiME, MFTECmd, Magnet Encrypted Disk Detector (EDD), Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Sentinel SIEM, NTFS Log Tracker, Nessus, NirSoft TurnedOnTimeView, NirSoft WifiHistoryView, NirSoft WinPrefetchView, OpenCTI, OSSEC, pfSense, R-Studio recovery, RITA, RegRip, Registry Explorer, SRUMECmd, ShellBags Explorer, ShimCacheParser, Sigma, Suricata, Sysmon, TimeLine Explorer, USB Forensics Tracker, Velociraptor, Volatility 2, WinSearchDBAnalyzer, WireShark, WxTCMD, Yara, Zeek

Why Choose CCD?

Choosing CCD means investing in a certification that values quality, real-world skills, and community support.

  • Applied Skills: CCD’s curriculum is focused on real-world applications, offering 25+ hands-on labs that simulate current cybersecurity challenges. This practical approach ensures you gain experience that directly translates to your professional life.

  • In-Depth Coverage: From the essentials of SecOps to the complexities of digital forensics and threat hunting, CCD provides a broad and deep exploration of the cybersecurity landscape.

  • Flexibility and Support: Recognizing the needs of our students, CCD offers self-paced study complemented by instant support and mentorship through our Discord community.

  • Recognition of Achievement: Beyond the knowledge gained, once you pass the CCD exam your dedication and success are rewarded with a prestigious certificate and CCD coin. Feel free to visit this article for more information about the rewards you get after passing the CCD exam.

  • Hear From Our Certified CyberDefenders: Don't just take our word for it. Discover the impact of CCD course through the experiences of our certified students and respected professionals in the field. Visit our Testimonials Page to read firsthand testimonies of how CCD has propelled their careers forward, providing them with the skills, confidence, and recognition needed to excel in cybersecurity.

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