CCD Content Access
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Understanding Your CCD Access

Course Access

Starting from the day you begin the course, you have lifetime access to the course content with a 4-month CCD lab access period. Please note that the CCD lab access period cannot be paused.

Exam Access

Two exam attempts are included with the course purchase, with the first attempt available to start within a 4-month period and the second attempt available within a year.


To further support your learning journey, we recognize that life's unpredictability might lead to needing more time to engage with the course content fully. Therefore, we offer flexible solutions to accommodate your circumstances:

  • Lab Time Extension: Extends your access period to CCD labs by an additional 30 days or 60 days, depending on the add-on purchased. Please note that these extensions apply solely to the course labs access period and do not extend the expiry date of your exam attempts.

  • Additional Exam Attempt: Provides 1 additional exam attempt.

The extensions are conveniently offered through our CCD Store. For more information about CCD Store and the extensions offered, please visit "CCD Store" article.

Why are there Access Time Limits?

  • Counteracting Procrastination: It's human nature to delay tasks that lack a clear deadline. Without time limits, even the most motivated individuals can find themselves postponing their studies indefinitely. Our structured timeline keeps you on track, ensuring that you progress through the material with purpose and momentum.

  • Optimizing for Exam Success: Our data shows that the average student successfully completes and passes the CCD exam within three months of enrolling in the course. By setting a four-month access period, we aim to provide sufficient time for learning and revision.

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