CCD Review Rewards

This article is about the rewards you receive for crafting a review for the CCD certification after passing the CCD exam.

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CCD Review Rewards

Passing the Certified CyberDefender (CCD) exam is a commendable achievement that not only showcases your defense proficiency but also sets you up for future success. At CyberDefenders, we value the power of community and shared knowledge. To that end, we encourage our certified defenders to share their learning experiences and offer rewards for those willing to inspire others.

Crafting Your CCD Certification Review

A good certification review should be detailed, unbiased, and personal. It should cover all the relevant aspects of the certification, including the course content, labs, exam, difficulty level, the value it adds to your professional profile, and how the experience was for you. Using specific examples can be helpful. The following are the rewards for sharing Your CCD experience:

  • Text Review: A well-crafted, detailed written review on platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, or a blog can earn you a 2-month free subscription to BlueYard Pro Labs.

  • Video Review: Prefer to speak about your experience? A publicly listed video review posted on YouTube only will grant you a 4-month free subscription to BlueYard Pro Labs.

Claiming Your Reward

To claim your reward, simply respond to the congratulatory email for passing the exam from CyberDefenders with links to your written or video review. Ensure your review is public and accessible, as unlisted or private content will not qualify for the reward. Feel free to take your time to craft a thoughtful review. There's no deadline, so submit it when you're ready, and we'll reward your efforts.

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