Format and Domains Covered
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Format and Domains Covered

Exam Format

  • Type of Questions: Text-based practical questions focusing on real-world scenarios. No report submission is required.

  • Duration: 48 hours.

  • Exam Access: Students will have browser-based lab access and a dedicated elastic instance for the duration of the exam, providing a realistic and practical testing environment. No tools or VPN setup is required.

  • Open Book Policy: You are free to use your learning resources, browse the internet, and refer to notes taken during the exam. This policy is designed to simulate a real-world environment where resources are available to solve complex problems. Please note that you will need valid course access to be able to access the course lessons during the exam.

  • Proctoring: The exam does not involve invasive proctoring, meaning no camera or microphone is being monitored. Respecting your privacy while ensuring exam integrity.

Domains Covered

The CCD exam encompasses a wide range of cybersecurity domains to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your skills. These domains include:

  1. Threat Hunting

  2. Disk Forensics

  3. Perimeter Defense - Email Security

  4. Memory Forensics

  5. Network Forensics

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