Scheduling, Attempts and Retake Policies
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Scheduling, Attempts and Retake Policies

Exam Scheduling

The CCD exam offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to start at any time that suits you without the need to complete any specific content beforehand. Upon enrolling in the CCD course, you are granted two attempts to pass the exam. With a 4-month window for your first attempt. And a more extended 12-month window for your second attempt. It's important to note that you can begin the exam at any moment before the expiry date indicated on your dashboard. You will be given the full 48-hour duration to complete it, irrespective of the exact expiry date and time.

Exam Attempts and Retake Policy

Upon purchasing the CCD course, students are granted two attempts to pass the exam. Should you need more than two attempts, additional ones can be purchased through CCD Store.

Retake Policy:

  • After the first unsuccessful attempt, a retake is available 2 weeks from the last exam date.

  • Following the second failed attempt, retakes are permitted every 4 weeks from the previous exam date.

  • Once you have successfully passed the exam, further attempts are not permitted.

This policy ensures candidates have ample time to review and prepare adequately for their next attempt.

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